Camilla Rossi is the first female member in Juan's group of friends aside from Harriet. She is also another one of the Italian friends in Juan's group of friends. She has assisted Adam with his sexuality and was the most happiest when he came out as gay. Camilla was introduced to Juan by her brother Adam. Camilla attends SBBC with Juan, Adam, Jackson, Dylan, and Jared.

Visual ScreenplaysEdit

Hymn For The Weekend (Seeb Remix)

Good Thing - Bethany Walker/Dr. Sheldon Oberon


Beyond the Stars (TBA)

Beautiful Now (DJ Marshmello Remix) - Kailani

In the Dark (Ruby X Voldex X Thomas Remix) - Jazz Fenton


• Adam and Camilla have different taste in men.

• She is the latest member of the group to date another member, being Clayton.

• Camilla and Clayton currently live in together in Montecito.

• She has been fashion week over fifteen times.

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